Are you using effective marketing to sell your property development off-plan?

Whether your development has been live for some time or you’re about to launch a brand new collection of homes, Getting your property marketing right in 2024 is paramount to generating buyer leads and getting those sales across the line.

At Move Design, we know a thing or two about successfully marketing property developments, working on multiple sites across the South West. We work closely with a local agent, Complete Property and their Land and New Homes arm, making us an excellent and safe choice for property design and marketing.

Below, we will explore a few vital marketing touchpoints for selling property off-plan.

The Development Identity

Want to capture the essence of a development and attract the right audience?

Not all developments are the same; a site with five 3,000 sq ft luxury eco houses will have a different aesthetic to a site with 20 affordable homes for first-time buyers. Therefore, the identity should reflect the price points and demographics it’s trying to attract.

A carefully crafted identity communicates the development’s values, lifestyle offerings, and architectural aesthetics, making it easier for buyers to visualise their future within the development.

Development identities are blueprints for all marketing, from the brochure to site signage and email campaigns. A coherent identity builds a lasting impression on potential buyers, who will likely remember your development when actively searching for their next home.

The Development Brochure

The main staple for any development, the humble brochure is a vital tool for selling your homes off-plan. They bring all assets together to build the big picture; they don’t just sell your homes but the lifestyle that comes with it.

A brochure should include essential information such as a development overview, site plan, house-type CGIs, specifications, floor plans and dimensions. They should also sell the lifestyle, show what amenities are nearby, whether there are excellent eateries, places to go with the family, and local transport links.

Brochures can be designed in various formats and printed using a multitude of finishes to match the development’s aesthetic. If your site has multiple phases, consider having a core brochure with inserts for the different house types, which you can release throughout the various build phases.

Sales Floor plans and site map

While technical drawings have a place in a buyer’s journey to reserve a home, initial property marketing should be clear, simple and easy to understand.

Floor plans should clearly show layout and dimensions and give buyers an idea of how they could utilise the available space. That being said, floorplans don’t have to be in black and white. Colour them up to match your development identity.

Site maps should clearly show essential features of the development to help buyers understand their neighbourhood and make informed decisions about whether the property meets their preferences.

Property Development Websites

Websites for your development are a perfect digital tool to capture leads, promote open events and showcase the homes you have for sale.
Fully customise your development website to match your current brand and identity, use custom domains to match the name of your development, such as and direct all marketing to lead-capture forms.

You can use your development website to host the latest build updates, site photography and videos you may commission.


Attract potential buyers, increase interest, and ultimately drive sales by creating visually engaging and informative videos.

Video is a powerful tool for property marketing as it can showcase the property in a way that static images simply cannot. Through video, potential buyers can better understand the scale, layout, and flow of a property development. A study by HubSpot in 2023 reports that 66% of consumers watch video content to learn about a brand or product*, thus making video an essential part of your marketing strategy.

People are 52% more likely to share video content than any other type of content.* so by producing videos of your showhome, site and local area – you can reach a wider audience via buyers sharing your videos on social media.


Development Signage

It’s human nature to be a bit nosey, and potential buyers are no different; if they are interested in a home you have for sale, they will likely do a drive-by to see where they could live. Not only does signage help identify the site, but it’s also a great tool to showcase imagery, key property specifications and enquiry information. Signage such as hoarding is also a great tool to cover up the initial building work and stop buyers from walking on an active site to have a look, causing a health and safety nightmare!

Signage doesn’t have to break the bank either; plenty of options exist to create an on-site brand presence without costing a fortune, such as A-boards, flags and Correx boards.

The Orchard signage design

Campaign Strategy

‘If you build it, they will come’ – that sentiment doesn’t really work with property. However, what does work is a well-thought-out campaign strategy to get buyers to enquire about your development and purchase one of your homes.

Think about the various build stages and how you can use those key dates to build up campaigns – such as a VIP launch for early birds, an official launch, being the first to view, 50% now sold, and the last few homes remaining.

Once you’ve outlined the campaigns you want to run, consider the different marketing touchpoints and where you can capture buyers’ engagement – such as social media, emails, letters, leaflets and in-person events.

Not only should your campaign assets match your development identity, but you’ll also want to cut through the visual noise of other housebuilders selling a similar product. (Unapologetic plug incoming – use Move Design; we’re experienced working with many property developers and can make your marketing really dazzle!)

A well-thought-out campaign strategy is valuable to property marketing; it feeds information from breaking ground to the final completion and is a constant source for generating buyer leads.

Are you looking to supercharge your property marketing and capture buyers’ engagement in 2024?

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