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A logo is more than a mark. A logo is usually the first brand asset a customer will likely see of your business. Whether on the landing page of your website, on top of a business card or piece of packaging. Logos need to summarise your company whilst also being memorable.

Whether you would like a simple wordmark, stylised emblem or monogram, we can design a logo that suits your company, stands the test of time and works on digital and print applications.

  • Logo research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Logo design and development
  • Primary and secondary designs
  • Contextualisation
Logo design for Pointers Financial

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What are Primary and secondary logos and do I need them for my business?

Primary Logo

A brand’s primary logo is a crucial part of its identity and is used consistently across different applications to maintain consistency. It typically includes essential brand elements like the company name, icon, and tagline and is designed to be versatile and recognisable in various contexts. Companies use their primary logo to achieve maximum exposure on websites, storefronts, and other essential communication channels.

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo is a simplified or altered version of the primary logo. It still includes important brand elements but may have a different arrangement, style, or layout. Secondary logos are designed for situations where the primary logo may be too large or complex. They are optimised for smaller sizes or restricted spaces, such as social media profile pictures, mobile apps, or promotional materials.

In summary, the primary logo represents a brand’s visual identity, ensuring consistency and maximum exposure across various platforms. On the other hand, secondary logos are modified versions tailored for specific use cases, such as smaller sizes, limited spaces, or unique colour schemes, often employed in special events or campaigns. Together, these logo variations contribute to a comprehensive visual identity system for a brand.