Bell Jar Books

Logo design

Created by author Helen Steadman, Bell Jar Books is a new publishing house focusing on Historical Fiction.

After writing three books under a different publishing house, Helen wanted to take back full control of her titles and bought back the publishing rights.

the process

We were tasked to design a new logo and colophon for Helen to use on her books and other branded material.

With a real passion for historical fiction and literature, Helen came up with the name ‘Bell Jar Books’ for her publishing house – which is a little nod to one of her favourite authors – Sylvia Plath and her book The Bell Jar.

For the colophon icon, Helen wanted a representation of a dragonfly which was made up of the letters BJB.

In order for the colophon to be legible on different spine widths, we had to produce a number of scale tests of the logo to make sure it did not lose detail at smaller sizes.

After a few iterations, the finalised icon was kept simple, clean and could stand the test of time.

For the typeface we opted for Baskerville, a classic font used within literature. This serif also helps to give the appearance Bell Jar Books is well established.


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