Website rebuild for the UK’s leading machine tools supplier, XYZ Machine Tools.

The Project

XYZ Machine Tools is a leading UK supplier of CNC milling machines and lathes for the automotive, electronics, and aerospace industries. They pride themselves on their customer service and training to help users deliver uncompromising accuracy through their machines.

We were approached to help them rebuild the backend of the website while retaining the old website’s overall look and feel. Our team worked closely with XYZ Machine Tools to understand their requirements and create a website that met their needs.

One of the biggest challenges was reducing the number of plugins used on the website. The old website had too many plugins, which made it slow and vulnerable to security issues. We reduced the number of plugins to only the essentials, significantly improving the website’s speed and security.

Another challenge was improving the website’s performance. Our team optimized the website’s code and images to reduce load times and enhance page responsiveness.

Finally, we worked on improving the website’s user experience. We redesigned page layouts to make them more intuitive and user-friendly. This helped users find the information they needed more efficiently, improving their overall experience on the website.

Visit the website here:

  • WordPress Website
  • Site Migration
  • Faster Speeds
  • Better Performance
image showing XYZ Machine Tools website on a laptop
image showing XYZ Machine Tools website on an Ipad
image showing XYZ Machine Tools website on a mobile
image showing XYZ Machine Tools website on a laptop

Other Work