Growing Goddard Gardens & Landscaping’s brand and identity, from the seed of creativity to watching the identity flourish.

The Project

With over 30 years of experience, Goddard Gardens & Landscaping (GG&L) is a knowledgeable and qualified team specialising in commercial grounds and private household gardens. Led by John Goddard, GG&L services small and large gardens across the South West.

GG&L offer a wide range of services to meet their client’s needs, from designing and developing new gardens to maintaining and caring for existing outdoor spaces.

GG&L’s existing branding was pieced together when John first started. This was a means to an end, and it did the job at the time. However, John felt that the current branding and logo needed to be refreshed, and his stationery and marketing should be coherent.

  • Brand & identity
  • Logo design
  • Illustration

GG&L tasked us to design and develop a new brand and identity system which they can use across a series of stationery and marketing materials. John’s only stipulation was that we carried across the red of his existing branding.

The colour palette was defined around the current red that John wanted us to keep. We introduced blue and green that work harmoniously with red. All three colours have a slightly muted tone, giving a sense of richness and heritage that aligns well with the business’s longevity.

icons for Goddard Garden & Landscaping

A series of linear icons/illustrations have been developed, which can be used across marketing as either stand-alone graphics or as a random pattern. The illustrations help elevate the marketing material and breathe personality into the identity.

A simple typeface with hints of character and playfulness within the letterforms has been selected for the identity. The typeface contains several weights which is perfect for creating hierarchy within the branded material.

Other Work