Stunning brand and identity that packs a punch for a fiery barbeque business, Meatbox.

The Project

Based in Plymouth, Meatbox BBQ provides authentic Texas style BBQs platters for personal occasions and private events. Owner and creator Sean has a passion for everything BBQ and smoking meats.

“It started with a second-hand charcoal Weber and grew to a small army of BBQs, grills and smokers. My passion for meaty flavour and proper BBQ has led me here.”

What started out as a hobby, Sean knew he had something special and wanted to test the waters to see if he could make it commercially viable. Sean came with us with just the idea and allowed us to have full creative freedom to produce a logo, branding and supporting material for his new venture. The only stipulation was to give the identity a ‘Texas feel’.

  • Brand & identity
  • Stationery
  • Illustration
  • Social media

Starting with the logo we created a mark that was bold and full of character. Two variations were produced: a banner version and a stacked option; the logos can be used dynamically across digital and printed applications.


Typography plays a vital part in the Meatbox branding and identity. To give it that Texas/American feel, we opted for a bold slab serif for the headings, which you’ll often find on the back of American college jerseys. This has then been paired with a rustic and textured sans serif, which has qualities of traditional woodblock lettering; this helps give Meatbox character and ties it back to posters for authentic American Cookouts.

Colour & Texture

Colour, custom illustration and texture have all been used dynamically to create richness within the identity. A simple yet punchy colour palette of black, red and white was adopted. We pastiched the colourway of many bbq brands, such as Weber, to help the brand settle within the industry and make it appear as though it’s been there since the beginning.

While creating mouth-watering feasts, BBQs can become hot, smokey and charred, making lots of texture. To capture this idea, we created a range of custom-textured backgrounds and illustrations for the supporting material. The illustrations also sit nicely with the textured typography.

Meatbox platter illustration
Leaflets & Flyers

Other Work